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ITU G-PON Pavilion

Telcordia is pleased to again be coordinating a G-PON Pavilion on behalf of the ITU. This effort is being organized under ITU-T Study Group 15, Question 2 (Dave Faulkner, Rapporteur).

The next ITU G-PON Pavilion is being planned for NXTcomm 2008, June 16- 19, 2008 in Las Vegas, NV, USA. Plans are underway to finalize the ITU G-PON Pavilion participants in February, at which time detailed conference call planning meetings will begin. See the ITU G-PON Pavilion 2008 Overview for more information. Also see the 1-page Fact Sheet that summarizes the Pavilion and provides important value statements for participants.

Attending NXTcomm?

If you are planning to attend NXTcomm 2008, please consider visiting the ITU G-PON Pavilion at booth location SU6810. Read this attendee fact sheet for Pavilion summary information, including valuable pass codes providing free and discounted NXTcomm admission.

About the ITU G-PON Pavilion

The ITU G-PON Pavilion is a multi-company stand sponsored by the ITU for the purposes of promoting G.984-related technology and the Optical Access standardization activities of the ITU. The center-piece of the G-PON Pavilion is a public G-PON interoperability demonstration of equipment from different telecommunications equipment and device manufacturers. For this year's Pavilion, we hope to demonstrate G-PON Reach Extender ( operation, G-PON Enhancement Band (G.984.5) operation, and G-PON-fed DSL applications, in addition to traditional triple-play FTTP.

Participating in the ITU G-PON Pavilion offers the following potential benefits:

  • Allows vendors to showcase their G-PON solutions, including demonstrating interoperability with other vendor solutions
  • Help demonstrate G-PON as a key enabling technology for full service, broadband multimedia, delivery networks
  • Illustrate the maturity of the G.984 standard, the technology and commercial products through multi-vendor interoperability demonstrations
  • Help develop the world market for G-PON products
  • Help promote the ITU-T access network standards

G-PON systems are expected to be a key catalyst in the deployment of fully converged (i.e., voice, video, and data), end-to-end, IP service delivery systems by network operators around the world. With 2488 Mbps downstream and 1244 Mbps digital capacities, G-PON access systems are strongly positioned to support the delivery of IP multicast (e.g., broadcast TV) and unicast (e.g., VOD) high definition video services to residential and small/medium businesses over a fully converged IP infrastructure. Interoperable equipment is critical to enabling cost reductions through volume production and increased marketplace competition, thereby helping to increase the availability of fully converged IP services.

Prior ITU G-PON Pavilion Events

The most recent ITU G-PON Pavilion was held at NXTcomm 2007. See the ITU G-PON Pavilion 2007 Report for more information. Information on the ITU G-PON Pavilion at Telecom World 2006 in Hong Kong can be found in the ITU G-PON Pavilion 2006 Report.

For More Information

Please contact Rob Bond ( for more information, including to express interest in participating in the next event.