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Testing Services

Are You Sure that Your Products and Systems Will Work Right the First Time?

Suppliers are challenged to ensure that new products and technologies hit the market fully tested and revenue-ready for deployment in their customers' networks. At the same time, service providers must have installation, integration, and verification capabilities that are as outstanding as the equipment they buy.

Telcordia works closely with carriers and suppliers, offering superior planning, design, testing and deployment services to help ensure that products and systems work right the first time. We also offer Test Outsourcing Services to ensure on-time development and deployment of your products and solutions.

Tested by Telcordia

The Tested by Telcordia logo identifies products that have undergone a thorough testing and analysis program conducted by Telcordia.

Telcordia Testing Services help you:

  • Enhance product quality, reliability and performance
  • Assure interoperability of network equipment and systems
  • Avoid costly re-work and schedule delays
  • Realize cost-efficiencies over in-house testing
  • Increase marketability of products and systems
Software Vulnerability Testing
A suite of intelligent, model-based tests, using the state-of-the-art Codenomicon DEFENSICS™ testing platform, to identify and resolve software flaws that can cause unexpected security and performance weaknesses in network devices.
Conformance, Interoperability, and Performance Test Services for MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay and IP Technologies
Automated conformance testing of Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network equipment implementing Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) signaling requirements.
Integrated Access Solutions
Services for transitioning to tomorrow's integrated access network.
SS7 Signaling Analysis
SS7 product testing and verification services.
Switching and Signaling Network Element Lab Access and Services
Lab access services for testing existing and new technologies in a simulated communications network.
NEBS Technical Services
Consulting, testing and analysis focused on the interaction between telecommunications network equipment and its environment, emphasizing service continuity and integrity under normal and extreme operating conditions.
FTTx Testing
FTTx Testing helps Network Element Providers and Service Providers by providing an objective and credible fiber optic certification program that ensures products are carrier grade, installation ready, and equipment compatible.
Outside Plant Testing & Consulting
Rigorous testing and expert consulting for the outside plant to support complex and evolving networks
Infrastructure Consulting
Our Infrastructure consultants assess and identify risk areas within the central office or network data center that could cause serious service outages or worse - an injury to an employee.
Test Outsourcing Services
Provide for successful, on-time development and deployment of your products and solutions by implementing one or more of our Test Outsourcing Services.